SwizzleTips ripoff

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Anything that tells you to enter your cell phone number will take your money repeatedly.I just got off the phone with them and they were charging me two months, the newest charge yesterday.

They refused to issue me a refund for both months, including the current month that hasn't occurred. They stated that because I entered my phone number then the 4 digit code that was texted to my phone I agreed to the terms and conditions and the recurring monthly charges. Yeah, scam. I don't even know what it was they were supposed to be doing!

Don't do it! $9.99 a month for tips?


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Swizzletips.com has questionable way of taking kids money.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 0 comments
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No difference between swizzletips.com/theconsumerwinner.com and someone who steels from my child. My 6 year old was on the computer playing kids games (games promoted to kids under the age of 10) when ad popped up saying she won either a money card or an Ipad. Plug in a cell number (which is our house phone). Unethical way of cloaking a business by preying off children! Disguise a monthly $9.99 service for diet and dating tips under the guise of a child winning something! Just because the internet has endless capabilities of generating business does not mean basic ethics are thrown out the window.

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